Red Sox Nation To Put Politics On Hold

NBC/National Journal‘s Mike Memoli makes a great point about the Red Sox effect in New Hampshire: It’ll almost be pointless for the presidential candidates to campaign in the state while the Sox are in the World Series. News cycles for a couple of weeks will be dominated by the Sox, and politics will likely take a back seat.

Memoli (a diehard Yankees fan and an ex-Hotliner) and NBC’s Mark Murray point out:

“When Huckabee filed for the New Hampshire primary last week, a supporter noted that if the Red Sox won that night, he would be bumped off the front page. They did, and he was (assuming his filing would have been front-page news). And today, New Hampshire’s front pages have banner Red Sox headlines.

“The moral of the story? New Hampshire is deep in Red Sox nation, and another week of wall-to-wall baseball coverage means one less week of prominent political reporting. Boston NBC affiliate WHDH has said it’s holding off on serious primary reporting until the Red Sox run ends. That’s likely the case with the rest of Boston television, which is watched by many in the southern part of the state.”

New Hampshire is of course in the heart of Red Sox Nation. A group called Common Census has a feature where people can enter their zip codes and their favorite sports team. Armed with that data, Common Census maps out areas of fandom. As you can see, New Hampshire is securely within Red Sox Nation:

11 02 Baseball Nations

On the other side of Red Sox Nation is Connecticut. It’s the Iraq of baseball loyalty — it’s split between three groups: Red Sox fans in the East and Yankees fans in the West and South, and a Mets minority mixed in throughout the South. The New York Times ran a good map a while back drawing the border between these fierce rivals:

Red Sox Connecticut


4 responses to “Red Sox Nation To Put Politics On Hold

  1. Thats pretty darn cool!

    This just in…Fenway voted one of the WORST SPORTS ARENAS


    Boston’s Fenway Park voted one of sports’ “worst arenas”

    This one’s pretty funny though…

    Dumb things baseball fans get excited about

  2. I used to live in Litchfield County, CT. There is no “border” in the sense of line on the map between Red Sox and Yankee fans. As you go further south and west in CT there are more Yankee fans and more Red Sox fans as you go further north and east. In between is quite a mix.

    Many decades ago when I lived in RI, there were a lot of Yankee fans there. Why? I think it was the influence of Joe Dimaggio on the older generation of Italian-Americans. Someone should do a survey of Dominicans in the Washington Heights area of Manhattan to see how many are red Sox fans following the exploits of Manny and Big Papi and/or Mets fans following Pedro. For sure Dominicans have a lot of MLB teams to root for.

  3. Patrick Ottenhoff

    Jim, great point there not being a clean border between Yanks and Sox fans and CT fandom being more of a blend. That’s kind of what I was getting at with the Iraq analogy (as crude as it is) — there are two majors groups in the Sox and Yanks that roughly occupy two geographic ends of the state, but they do overlap and mix in with each other. And then the third group is a Mets minority.

  4. I would love to see a color map, not a border map. One that goes from red to blue with purple in between…that would display the mix in the middle more accuratly. Anyone want to program this??? =]

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