Mapping U.S. Demographics

I came across a great mapping device today called “US Demographics Visualizer” that’s produced by a company called idvsolutions.  What they do is take Microsoft Virtual Earth software and then layer five measures of demographics over it: population, age, ethnicity, political and income.  So, to give you an example, I took a screen shot of voting returns and ethnicity in Southern states.

With these two maps we can correlate voting habits with race, and check for evidence that the so-called “Black Belt” in the South votes Democratic.  Here’s a map of ethnicity in Southern states where the darker shade purple represent the higher proportion African-American:

Southern Race

And here’s one of voting returns in the 2004 presidential election

Southern Voting Returns in 2004

It looks like there is a high correlation between African-American population and Democratic performance.  Of course, this is well-documented, but I’m making a point that this tool can visually confirm some interesting notions.  Try it on some other demographics.

Let’s look at average income in the Notheast in 2000:

Northeast Income


2 responses to “Mapping U.S. Demographics

  1. Unfortunately, Obama can’t win because of his ethnicity. Dems are doing it to themselves again. Look at the states that have the most electoral college votes for dems (CA, TX, OH, NY, Penn, Fl, etc.) and it becomes obvious that Hillary can win easily over McCain as she did over Obama. How sad that the dems can’t figure this out. We will again wind up giving the White House to the Repubs or they will still it. I should be the pundit. The ones we have are not very saavy. Ramon

  2. Ramon doesn’t have very much faith in the American people. I hope it is unfounded, but yet, it will be a test of whether we are just a nation of racist idiots or not. For myself, I refuse to accept a lesser candidate out of fear.

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