John McCain Breaks Out the Map

A couple of weeks ago, Rudy Giuliani‘s campaign released a series of maps suggesting he has the best shot against Hillary Clinton. The maps indicated that she would start off a base of only 18 electoral votes while Rudy would begin with 210. But, according to these maps, Hillary would start with 190 votes against John McCain while the Arizona senator could only count on 180.

Over the weekend, McCain issued a rebuttal of sorts to Giuliani’s models. The McCain map, as reported by the Washington Times, offers a series of SurveyUSA polls matching McCain v. Giuliani and McCain v. Clinton. What’s interesting, however, is that McCain isn’t necessarily the runaway winner. According to the map:

  • There are three states that McCain outperforms Giuliani where both candidates beat Hillary Clinton: Alabama, Kansas and New Mexico.
  • There are four states that McCain wins or ties against Clinton that Giuliani loses: Virginia, Washington, Ohio and Kentucky.
  • There are three states that McCain is down against Clinton but outperforms Giulian: Minnesota, Wisconsin and Missouri.
  • There are two states that McCain performs equal to Giuliani that both candidates lose to Clinton: Iowa and Oregon.
  • There are two states that Giuliani outperforms McCain that both candidates lose badly against Clinton: New York and California.

McCain deserves recognition for being fair and including polls where he’s losing to Giuliani and/or Clinton. Giuliani’s maps didn’t cite polls, only bullish declarations about Hizzoner’s electability. But on the flip side to that point, why doesn’t the McCain camp cherry pick favorable polls? And why — WHY — would they use SurveyUSA polls, which are mocked in the polling community for using robocalls?

The Electoral Map likes McCain’s transparency, but likes Giuliani’s strategery.

Here’s the McCain camp’s map, followed by the Giuliani camp’s version of McCain v. Clinton.

McCain Strategy

Giuliani’s Vision of McCain


3 responses to “John McCain Breaks Out the Map

  1. Great site, but you really need to know-“lose” is spelled, well, “lose.”

    “Loose” makes you look like a fifth grader.

  2. Patrick Ottenhoff

    John, thanks for the heads up. Writing a blog post late at night after a long day’s work has its hazards.

  3. Alternatively, you could’ve said, “But I am a fifth grader!”

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