2007 State Elections Roundup

VIRGINIA — Democrats won four state Senate seats and four state House seats. The new Senate balanced is 21 Democrats, 19 Republicans. In the House, it’s 54 Republicans, 44 Democrats and 2 Independents.

I wrote in 2006 that the state Senate race between incumbent Jeanmarrie Devolites Davis (R) and former Del. Chap Peterson (D) would measure whether Republicans were losing in NoVA because of their candidates or their party. I reasoned that if a Davis couldn’t win in Fairfax, then the GOP would likely loose the county for a generation.

Last night, Devolites Davis lost to Peterson 55-45%. What does this say about Republican Rep. Tom Davis‘ prospects?

For more on this pivotal race, read “Figuring Out Fairfax.” The accompaning map is below.

In other close races, it looks like state Sen. Ken Cuccinelli (R) defeated Democratic challenger Janet Oleszek by less than 100 votes.

More statewide roundup:

Now, on to the maps. The first is of state Senate district 34, outline in bright green. The second and third are the Washington Post results maps.

Virginia Senate 34th

Virginia Senate Results .

Virginia House Results

KENTUCKY and MISSISSIPPI — And finally, let’s not forget there were a governors races in Kentucky and Mississippi on Tuesday, too. In the Bluegrass State, former Lt. Gov. Donald Beshear (D) carried 75% of all counties defeated Gov. Ernie Fletcher (R) by a healthy 59-41%. A Kentucky results map is below:

Kentucky Governor Results


One response to “2007 State Elections Roundup

  1. Don’t know beans about either state and could care less; but your maps are great. Especially liked the one in the earlier post that showed counties sized according to their population. Maps that just show voting results in equal sized geographic areas without taking population into account are misleading. Great work!!

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