Virginia Election Results: So Goes Fairfax Goes The Commonwealth

It’s been said many times that Fairfax County is the most the most pivotal voting bloc in Virginia. Well, tonight Fairfax might have lived up to its reputation and delivered the state Senate to the Democrats. As of 12:30 a.m., the Washington Post was reporting that Dems picked up three out of the four state Senate seats that they need for a majority and that Janet Oleszek and Ken Cuccinelli were running neck-and-neck in the 37th.

The House will probably remain in GOP hands, although if Margie VanderHye beats Dave Hunt in the 34th then there not be a GOP elected official within the Beltway for the first time in my lifetime.

Here’s are three maps: the first is off the new Senate order, the second is off the last Senate, and the third is off the electoral clout in Virginia. More in the morning.

Virginia Senate Results

Virginia Senate 2006

Virginia Election Clout


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