It’s “Prediction Time” at National Review Online

The National Review Online team had some fun on Tuesday predicting what the electoral map will look like one year from today.  Here are some highlights:

  • NRO staff writer David Fredoso: “Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) will lose the presidency to Sen. Hillary Clinton (D).  Clinton will win a 48-percent plurality…. [She] will win by two points, and the remaining six points will go to a third-party populist anti-war candidate who will score double digits in some New England states. Hillary will take 291 electoral votes, losing New Hampshire and Florida but winning Ohio, Iowa, New Mexico and Missouri.”
  • NRO blogger Jim Geraghty: “The Hillary Clinton-Anthony Zinni ticket defeated the Rudy Giuliani-Fred Thompson ticket, 272 electoral votes to 266.  The only state that shifted from 2004 was Ohio…. Aside from the Buckeye State, the GOP ticket came within three percentage points of Connecticut, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Oregon and Washington.”
  • Talk-show host Michael Graham: “When a divided Supreme Court paves the way for a Clinton/Clinton ticket in the summer of ’08… the GOP counters by nominating Giuliani/Schwarzenegger…. The Buchanan/Paul campaign strips away [votes on the Right], while on the Left, the Kucinich/Shaheen ticket promises that, if elected, it will promptly impeach itself…. Final score: Giuliani wins just 33 percent of the popular vote and 271 electoral votes.

Does that last one seem a little ridiculous to you?  Check out some of their other expert opinions.


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