What Makes Ron Paul Nation Tick?

Our friend Conn Carroll at The Hotline’s Blogometer has a pretty good guess. He writes:

“Looking at RonPaulGraphs.com‘s instant Per Capita Donors (donors per million in population) map, however, we were struck by how closely Paul’s strongest donor states matched up with those where the federal government owns more than 25% of all land. Is it really that much of a surprise that Paul’s financial support is strongest among those that have to put up with the feds as their landlords?”

These are the top ten states for Paul donations per capita (in Q4 to date) followed by the percentage of land that the feds own.

  1. New Hampshire¬† — 361 Paul donors per1 million residents / 12.7% federal land
  2. Montana — 307 / 28%
  3. Alaska — 299 /NA (but I’m guessing it’s way over 50%)
  4. Nevada — 253 / 83%
  5. Idaho — 241 / 62%
  6. Washington — 236 / 28%
  7. Utah –231 / 64%
  8. Arizona — 223 / 47%
  9. Wyoming — 216 / 49%
  10. Colorado — 213 / 36%

To the maps: The first map show the proportion of land in each state owned by the feds and the second map shows donations for Paul per capita in each state.

Fedearl Land Ownership

Ron Paul Donations Q4


3 responses to “What Makes Ron Paul Nation Tick?

  1. wow – interesting discovery. Well I’m not surprised – I guess it does make some sense. I live in mississippi – most people hear don’t even know who the guy is – half don’t even know who giuliani is. thanks for the interesting observation.

  2. That is interesting. The extent of federal ownership also indicates the extent to which these states are still the frontier. The East, the South, and the Midwest are home to lots of people who have been voting for the same party for decades, even generations. Perhaps the West is home to more people without such close ties to one party and who are willing to try something new.

    Except for his positions on national security, Paul should appeal to many Republicans. He would bring back Republican respect for Goldwater and Reagan. The modern leadership of the party seems to favor big government even more than the Democrats. Unfortunately, national security is Job One for a president, and Paul’s positions would be a deal breaker for many who would support him otherwise.

  3. Send me a Ron Pau sticker for my front lawn

    Alamanor have a hell ov a lot more than 25% of the land owned by the Nazi Fed’s, Ron Paul could do very well in this area that is around 65-75% Republican and very much in tune with Ron Pauls message, if the Ron Paul election committee would just not ignore us.

    George Taylor
    581 Terrace Dr.
    Redding Ca. 9600

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