California GOP Electoral Vote Initiative Dies

The L. A. Times reports that the GOP initiative to distribute California’s electoral votes by congressional district won’t make the June, 2008 ballot.

“A proposed initiative that drew national attention for its potential to affect next year’s presidential election will not appear on the June ballot, organizers said Thursday.

“Republican backers of the measure, which could have tilted the presidential contest toward the GOP nominee by changing how California awards electoral votes, conceded that they were unable to raise sufficient funds.

“Sacramento consultant Dave Gilliard, the campaign manager, said that even if a financial angel were to shower the campaign with $1 million, there was not enough time to qualify the measure for June.”

2004 Presidential by Congressional District

2004 California Presidential by Congressional District


One response to “California GOP Electoral Vote Initiative Dies

  1. I wish every state with more than one Congressional District would do what Maine does. Unfortunately, the backers of the California initiative apparently did not bother to read the Constitution which clearly gives the state legislature, not a referendum, the power to decide how a state’s electors are appointed. No conservative who believes in strict construction could support this.

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