Politico’s “Tracking the Candidates”

John Edwards vowed that he would visit all 99 counties in Iowa before the caucuses were over. Thanks to Politico‘s new feature “Tracking the Candidates,” we’ll know whether or not he — or any other candidate — hits that mark.

As part of their “Iowa Ground Game” special report, Politico‘s launched a feature that allows readers to click on any county and see how many times the frontrunning candidates have visited.

It’s a useful feature if you’re trying to track how many times each candidate has visited a specific county, but the flash software is a bit bush league. We’d expect a little bit better from the Politico. And what’s with the name “Tracking the Candidates”? I guess the name”Map the Candidates” was already taken.

Politico‘s Iowa Map of Democrats

Politico’s Iowa Map of Democrats

Politico‘s Iowa Map of Republicans

Politico’s Iowa Map of Republicans


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