Full Iowa Caucus Results

Once again, the experts have saved me hours of Photoshopping work. The Des Moines Register has a page with an electoral map flash feature. You can select each candidate, and the map shows which place he or she finished in each of Iowa’s 99 counties.

On the Democratic side, it’s interesting that Barack Obama did well in the same vote-rich eastern belt of the state that gave John Kerry wide margins in 2004. John Edwards was just as popular in the southern part of the state in 2008 as he was four years ago. And Hillary Clinton seems to have excelled in random pockets in the North and West.

Barack Obama’s Iowa Caucus Results
Barack Obama Iowa Electoral Map

John Edwards’ Iowa Caucus Results
John Edwards Iowa Electoral Map

Hillary Clinton’s Iowa Caucus Results
Hillary Clinton Iowa Electoral Map

On the Republican side, Mike Huckabee finished first in the middle part of Iowa while Mitt Romney did best on the flanks. I don’t know enough about the demographics of the Iowa GOP to explain this. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I also included Ron Paul‘s electoral map because I think he’s a fascinating candidate and it’s interesting to see which counties picked up his banner.

Mike Huckabee’s Iowa Caucus Results
Mike Huckabee Iowa Caucus Results

Mitt Romney’s Iowa Caucus Results
Mitt Romney Iowa Electoral Map

Ron Paul Iowa Caucus Results Ron Paul Iowa Electoral Map


2 responses to “Full Iowa Caucus Results

  1. If you check a map of religious affiliation, http://www.valpo.edu/geomet/geo/courses/geo200/religion.html, you’ll find that northern Iowa is more religious, and northeastern Iowa is more catholic.

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