New Hampshire Electoral Map

The Washington Post has the best electoral map of New Hampshire but it’s not because it’s anything special. It’s because there isn’t much competition. No Union-Leader map. No Dave Leip map. And as far as I know so far, the only publication that has produced a town-by-town electoral map is The Politico, but as a flash file it’s seriously flawed.

For now, I think the Post‘s New Hampshire county-by-county electoral map is the best. It displays by color who won each county and provides stats in a side bar. It also color-codes the counties based on what place each candidate finished rather than their strength in each county.

In the GOP battle, John McCain won nine out of 10 counties, losing only Rockingham to Mitt Romney by one percent. Interestingly, McCain dominated this county 49-31% against George W. Bush in 2000. But this Seacoast county is more or less becoming an extended suburb of Boston, so it’s not surprising Romney had strong support.

McCain’s strongest county was Grafton County, which he won 46-31% over Romney. Here’s a blank county map of New Hampshire for reference, followed by the GOP results.

New Hampshire Counties
New Hampshire Counties Map

New Hampshire Republican Electoral MapMcCain is green; Romney is blue.
New Hampshire Republicans Electoral Map

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton edged out Barack Obama by a 39-36% margin statewide despite taking only four out of 10 counties. But Clinton won three out of the four most populous counties, including a decisive 42-35% victory in Hillsborough County where a monster 78,000 votes were cast.

Obama’s most decisive win, on the other hand, was a 45-31% victory in Grafton County, where only 21,000 voters cast Democratic ballots.

Here are three Democratic maps: the first shows which candidate won each county; the second measures Clinton; and the third charts Obama.

New Hampshire Democratic Electoral Map
New Hampshrie Democratic Electoral Map

New Hampshire Hillary Clinton Electoral Map
New Hampshire Hillary Clinton Electoral Map

New Hampshire Barack Obama Electoral Map
New Hampshire Barack Obama Electoral Map


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