Michigan Electoral Map

Is the Mitt Romney campaign breathing a sigh of relief after winning their first major primary? Or do they not have time to bask in the victory before pivoting to the Battle Royale that will be South Carolina?

One thing’s for sure: The Republican primary race is now wide open with no clear frontrunner. Lewis Black might call it a cluster****.

Romney needed to run up the margins in Michigan, and sure enough he trumped John McCain 39-30%. Romney won the old industrial areas, the mature GOP suburbs northwest of Detroit and around Grand Rapids and the wealthy resort towns in the North. McCain won the Christian conservatives counties in the West and Upper Peninsula.

Maybe Romney’s success in Detroit’s sphere of influence stems from his father’s role as CEO of American Motor Company (the predecessor to Jeep) and later governor. As for McCain’s big wins in the West, despite the Arizona senator’s maverick label, he still does have a pretty strong rating on abortion and other issues important to social conservatives.

McCain ended up winning 42 counties but Romney won 41 of the more populous counties. Mike Huckabee, who was expected to perform well in the western part of the state, did not win a single county.’

UPDATE: It’s no surprise, but the Detroit News has exit polls showing that voters’ No. 1 concerns were the economy and jobs. Romney’s appeal on these issues may have led to his success in the Rust Belt part of the state.

Michigan Republican Electoral Map (Google Maps)
Michigan Republican Electoral Map

The New York Times is also up with their maps, including one for the Democratic contest between Hillary Clinton and Uncommitted. It turns out that two counties choose Uncommitted over Clinton. One was Emmet County up near Mackinack, and the second was Washtenaw County, home to Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan.

Michigan Democratic Electoral Map (New York Times)

Michigan Democratic Electoral Map


One response to “Michigan Electoral Map

  1. The choice in this election is simple. If we want a president who will lead America to the big, bold changes we need and change the conversation in America, Democrats should choose the candidate who has led the field in ideas and shaped the conversation in this race so far.

    On the Democratic side, John Edwards, although never the front-runner, has been driving his party’s policy agenda. He’s done it again on economic stimulus: last month, before the economic consensus turned as negative as it now has, he proposed a stimulus package including aid to unemployed workers, aid to cash-strapped state and local governments, public investment in alternative energy, and other measures

    The fact remains that the Edwards campaign has set the domestic policy agenda for the entire field. He was the first with a bold universal health care plan, the first with an ambitious climate change proposal that called for cap-and-trade, and the leader on reforming predatory lending practices and raising the minimum wage to a level where it regains its lost purchasing power

    John Edwards has led the other candidates in standing up for progressive change. In this campaign, the other candidates have followed John’s lead in talking about the special interests — but the special interests understand the difference between rhetoric and reality. That’s why corporate lobbyists are united against John Edwards.

    Here’s the bottom line in this election. We need a president who has the vision to put forth bold, progressive solutions to the challenges facing America in the 21st century. John Edwards has shown he has that vision — and he has led on it throughout this campaign.

    John Edwards is the only one that will fight poverty and bring health care and education to the poor & middle class of America. John Edwards would be the best President for all of America, anything less will be as bad as keeping Bush in office forever.

    America deserves honest men of integrity that will fight for all Americans, and Edwards is a true patriot that can make America great. He has the substinance, determination, and will to fight greed, corruption and end the outsourcing of our jobs.

    His economic, education, health and welfare policies are now being copied by all the canidates. Edwards spoke out months and even years before the others.

    America needs to think about why the “Washington Greed, Corruption, Large Corporations and Media” are trying to make this a two candidate Democratic race?

    Edwards is the only Democrat able to win the Presidency, as polls have showed that any Republican nominated will beat Clinton and/or Obama.

    An Edwards presidency will create American jobs for Americans by ending the outsourcing of our jobs lost through NAFTA and CAFTA. It will end the greed and corruption of large corporations and Washington politicians.

    End the $700 million per day wasted in Iraq and invest in America, America can prosper in a global economy without outsourcing our jobs

    Vote for jobs for the workers of America, healthcare and education for the middle class by endorsing a true patriot of integrity and honesty for America, John Edwards

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