McCain Won Boston

Mitt Romney said in his speech tonight that he’s proud “the three places I have lived have all voted for us — Michigan, Massachusetts and Utah.”

Well check this out: Suffolk County (whose county seat is Boston) choose John McCain 46-45% over Romney. Looks like no love is lost on Beacon Hill.

Massachusetts Republican Electoral Map (New York Times)

Massachusetts Republican Electoral Map


2 responses to “McCain Won Boston

  1. State government is dominated by Democrats and suburbanites see themselves as paying the bills. Their only consolation, until 2007, was a Republican in the “corner office”. Perhaps the Romney vote may have been gratitude for at least keeping the state house Democrats in check for a while. Western MA is less involved in state house politics, although one of the recent Republican governors – the worst of the lot, was from Berkshire county. There are very few Republicans in Suffolk County and I wouldn’t attach much meaning to their votes.

  2. To be fair, Romney resides in Middlesex County, which he won. Romney won his hometown of Belmont 65% to 30%.

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