The Show-Me State Comes Through

Missouri takes its politics seriously. Not only has it picked the correct presidential candidate since 1900 (besides 1956), but tonight both the Democratic and Republican contests are too close to call. As all eyes focus on Missouri, the state can be proud that it has one of the best Secretary of State web sites in the union.

The maps below are screen grabs from the secretary’s site. Besides a bizarro color scheme, (GOP is blue and Dem is red??), it’s pretty impressive.

John McCain will probably edge out Mike Huckabee, but as you can Huck swept the countryside. Mitt Romney won the cities and suburbs.

Missouri Republican Electoral Map (Missouri Secretary of State)

Missouri Republican Electoral Map

Barack Obama win St. Louis and Kansas City, and Hillary Clinton wins everywhere in between.

Missouri Democratic Electoral Map (Missouri Secretary of State)

Missouri Democratic Electoral Map


6 responses to “The Show-Me State Comes Through

  1. I’ve often wondered how the “blue” and “red” designations became tradition. After all, doesn’t the right-wing like to equate Democrats with “Reds” and “pinkos”?

  2. It’s truly frightening to see so many people vote for Huckabee. A relief to see so few vote for the “truth” of Ron Paul. It seems that Huckabee’s “abolish the IRS” mantra is sucking votes away from Ron Paul.

    Still, I’ve long considered MO to be a state chock full of Republicans. Interesting to see so many votes cast as Democrat. Equally interesting to see Obama take the citified counties while Hillary takes the rural areas. What’s the racial demographics involved here, if any?

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  4. Since the early XIX century red has been the color of leftist parties and blue the color of conservative parties throughout the world. the British Labour party’s theme song is “The Red Flag”. In Latin America, leftist parties are called “Colorados” and right wing parties are often called “Azules”. The flag of almost any communist country, for example China or the old USSR, has a red field.

    Another example of American exceptionalism done no doubt to drive Europeans crazy or to reinforce their feeling of smug sophistciation in contrast to the mouth-breathers who vote for people like Huckabee.

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