Virginia Electoral Map

Mike Huckabee took a respectable 41 percent, but John McCain won a 51 percent majority and all of Virginia’s 60 delegates. McCain did it by winning most of the eastern part of Virginia, including the so-called Crescent arching from NoVa to Richmond to Hampton Roads.

As the Times’ margin of victory map shows, McCain racked up huge vote tallies in Fairfax and Arlington Counties, which are full of both moderate Republicans and military personnel. He also posted huge wins around Quantico and Virginia Beach, home to the Marines Corps Base and the U.S. Navy Atlantic Fleet, respectively.

The Post’s prediction that Huck would do well in Pat Robertson’s Virginia Beach was wrong, but their call that he’d surge in Jerry Falwell’s Lynchburg was spot on. Huck racked up 60 percent in Lynchburg and swept the rest of the Shenandoah Valley and Southside.

Virginia Republican Electoral Map (Washington Post)

Virginia Republican Electoral Map

Virginia McCain Electoral Map (Washington Post)

Virginia McCain Electoral Map

Virginia Huckabee Electoral Map (Washington Post)

Virginia Huckabee Electoral Map

Virginia Margins of Victory (New York Times) — Note that the colors are different.


On the Democratic side, it was all Barack Obama. He won Richmond City by 20,000, Henrico County by 19,000 votes, Hampton by 15,000 and Virginia Beach by 15,000. But he also won rural counties, taking areas like the Northern Neck, Southside and the Valley on his way to winning 100 of 134 municipalities statewide.

Perhaps the telling wins were in Loudoun and Prince William Counties. Hillary Clinton campaigned heavily in these two bellwethers, but Loudoun gave Obama 62 percent and Prince William handed him 64 percent. Those counties are packed with independent voters who are attracted to candidates that preach post-partisanship.

If anyone knows about the Loudoun and PW it’s Gov. Tim Kaine (D), an Obama confidant who won both in 2005. Interestingly, Kaine’s 2005 campaign manager Mike Henry was relieved as deputy campaign of the Hillary campaign tonight. It turns out that the only congressional district Hillary will probably win is the ninth in southwestern coal country.

Virginia Democratic Electoral Map (Washington Post)

Virginia Democratic Electoral Map

Virginia Obama Electoral Map (Washington Post)

Virginia Obama Electoral Map

Virginia Clinton Electoral Map (Washington Post)

Virginia McCain Electoral Map

Virginia Margins of Victory (New York Times) — Note that the colors are different.

Virginia Margins of Victory


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