Who Will Ben Bradlee Vote For?

Once again, the Washington Post has a great map in its Political Geography feature, except this time it’s even better because the DMV primary (that’s DC-MD-VA) is right in their backyard. This is what the Post says about where the candidates have to do well:


  • Mike Huckabee needs to win Evangelicals and might find fertile ground in Pat Robertson‘s home base on Lynchburg and Jerry Falwell‘s base of Virginia Beach. He also needs to excel in rural areas including Western Maryland, the Eastern Shore, and Southside and Southwest Virginia.
  • John McCain needs to run up the vote in military communities surrounding the Pentagon, Quantico and Annapolis (My note to the Post: McCain will probably dominate in Virginia Beach, home base to the U.S. Navy Atlantic Fleet). He also should do well with moderates in Loudoun County, Va. and Montgomerey County Md.


  • The Post predicts Hillary Clinton should do well with Hispanics in Loudoun and conservatives in Prince William. But the truth of the matter is that most of the Hispanics live in PW (not Loudoun), and they are fiercely at odds with conservatives in those communities. Just look at the tension in Manassas. Hillary could give Obama a run in the southwest and Southside.
  • Barack Obama should rack up huge margins in the Democratic fertile crescent arching from NoVa to Richmond to Hampton Roads. The Post seems to skim over the fact he’ll probably rack up huge margins in the People’s Republic of Arlington, as well as in Alexandria and Charlottesville.
  • Toss-Ups — This is interesting: The Post points to southern Maryland as battleground based on the African-American voting bloc and white, female working-class voters.

The Post also printed an editorial about the Chesapeake Primary today calling the region a “microcosm for America”:

“[It’s] a dazzlingly diverse region that is in many ways a highly representative geographic and demographic microcosm of America: rural and urban areas; suburbs and exurbs; terrific wealth and grave poverty; beaches and ski resorts; mountains to the west, an ocean to the east and fresh water in between; the heart of the Old Confederacy (Virginia), a border state (Maryland) and, in the case of the District, Richmond and Baltimore, biggish cities brimming with problems and promise.”

On to the map. It’s only a screen shot, so click here for the full Political Geography feature.

Chesapeake Primary

Chesapeake Primary


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