Electoral Map Daily Compass: Nearing Tipping Point Edition

First things first. If you love political geography, you’ll love this article by Joel Kotkin in the Politico on Tuesday: Has Cali’s political sway fizzled?

Now, on to the rest of today’s Electoral Map news:

Potomac Primary Fallout

  • Virginia will be in play this fall. [Washington Post]
  • Obama won counties in Virginia as white as a Word document. [Talk Left]
  • J-Mart on Obama dominating the Crescent. [Politico]
  • It really was Hillary’s back yard. [Howard Kurtz]

Where Hillary Goes From Here

  • “We didn’t put any resources in those small states.” [New York Observer]
  • Penn charts the roadmap to nomination. And, yes, it goes through Ohio and Texas. [Real Clear Politics]
  • Hillary will Badger the Wisconsin voters after all. [The Page]
  • Clinton camp adopts the Rudy strategy. [Politico]

Western Promises

Who Hearts Huckabee?


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