It’s Pronouned “Mill-e-wah-kEY”

Jay O’Callaghan, who runs the interesting and informative Yahoo! group ElectionWatcher2008, points us to these two fascinating Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel electoral maps:

According to the Journal-Sentinel:

  • Barack Obama won 12 of Milwaukee’s 15 aldermanic districts.
  • Obama “had a strong showing” in predominantly African-American districts.
  • Obama and Hillary Clinton split the 8th and 12th Districts, “which have sizable Hispanic populations.”
  • Clinton received over 55% in the “mostly white blue-collar” 11th and 13th.

Milwaukee Democratic Electoral Map

Milwaukee Democratic Electoral Map

On the Republicans, the Journal-Sentinel noted:

  • John McCain won 13 of the 15 aldermanic districts.
  • McCain’s biggest win came in the 4th.

Milwaukee Republican Electoral Map

Milwaukee Republican Electoral Map


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