Super Tuesday II

The Electoral Map will have Super Tuesday II results as soon as they’re available.  McCain is cruising to big victories in Texas and Ohio, and according to Huck —  who is giving his concession speech as I type this — the Arizona senator “will achieve the 1,191 delegates to become the Republican nominee.”

On the Dem side, Hill is looking unexpectedly strong in Ohio and Obama is winning in Texas.  Vermont has great local beers and Rhode Island has awesome chowdah, but neither state has many delegates.  That being said, Obama and McCain won the Green Mountain State, and the Ocean State is too close to call.

I’ll post the full results as they come in — stay tuned!


4 responses to “Super Tuesday II

  1. Hillary is looking unexpectedly strong in Ohio ? EXCUSE ME ? 51-48 is strong ? Wasnt she supposed to win by 8 points in average according to Monday polls ?

  2. Patrick Ottenhoff

    Obama is winning 51-48% in Texas, but Hillary is up by about 20 point in the Buckeye State.

  3. Because Cleveland and Colombus and Cincinatti have not reported yet !
    Don’t you remember MO ?

  4. I have been watching the early morning results from Ireland …. as far as I can see the polls got it spot on … Hilary won by about 55% to 45% in Ohio, and Texas is a dead-heat. Hilary seems to have it 51-49 or thereabouts in the elections, but Obama is ahead in the caucuses which are slower to report. Obama may still win most Texas delegates.

    However, the spin is that Hilary have “revived her campaign!”, and “the Comeback Kid” lines are getting a fresh dusting off. In fact, she may just have pegged back Obama by about 20 to 30 delegates.

    Looks like we’ll have a run into April, maybe to the convention, where there will be a big row over seating Michigan and Florida delegations.

    For a Democratic supporter, its a bit depressing. We may end up with the better candidate but one that has his or her chances severely damaged.

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