Hill is Racking Up Huge Wins in Appalachia

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has an interesting postmortem about how Hillary Clinton won Ohio by racking up votes in the rural part of the state. Plain Dealer reporter Mark Naymik noted, “It came down to places like ‘The Little Smokies,’ the hilly region where the Scioto and Ohio rivers meet, more than 200 miles south of Cleveland.” In Scioto County, for example, Hillary won with a whopping 81%.

Hillary success in the region was due in no small part to her support from Gov. Ted Strickland (D), who was born in Scioto County and used to represent the Sixth Congressional District along the Ohio River.

J-Mart also picked up on Hill’s success in Ohio Appalachia, noting, “She won every county in Strickland’s old district, many of them with over 70% of the vote.”

That’s true, but Clinton has also dominated in Appalachian counties from Winchester, Va. to Chattanooga, Tenn. In Virginia, she only won one congressional district, and that was rugged Ninth District represented by Rick Boucher, who happens to be a fervent Obama support.

Judging by her success in Appalachia so far, can we expect her to absolutely dominate in Pennsyltucky?

Hillary Clinton’s Ohio Electoral Map (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Hillary Clinton’s Ohio Electoral Map

Ohio Congressional Districts (Hat tip, Jonathan Martin)

Ohio Congressional Districts

Democratic Virginia Electoral Map (New York Times)

Democratic Virginia Electoral Map

Virginia Ninth Congressional District (NationalAtals.gov)

Virginia Ninth Congressional District

“Pennsyltucky” (Wikipedia) — everything between Philly and Pittsburgh.




4 responses to “Hill is Racking Up Huge Wins in Appalachia

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  2. Obama-Strickland 08?

  3. Obama certainly has an uphill fight in Pennsylvania. The quasi-bohemian Philadelphia region will probably go Obama, but Pittsburgh is still a blue collar union town and is surely leaning Clinton. And, as you pointed out, the rest of the state is Appalachia, which she has been winning handily.

    Here’s an interesting question: which way would Pennsylvania fall if the race is Clinton-McCain? If it’s Obama-McCain? I think McCain may have some surprising strength in some of these states.

  4. Good article and precinct map from the Middletown Journal (Ohio) showing how Obama won the Dayton Ohio area. Black W Dayton went heavily for Obama while white E Dayton was more divided.


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