The Electoral Map Daily Compass: Who Won Texas?

The two major discussions in the electoral-map-osphere over the weekend were the debate over SurveyUSA’s 50 state polls that show both Obama and Clinton building winning geographic coalitions over McCain, and Jonathan Martin‘s observation that Hillary is running strong in Scots-Irish Appalachia.

If you’re interested in SurveyUSA’s polls check out my post from Friday, complete with the best maps and links to further analysis.

If you want to read about the Scots-Irish, J-Mart wrote a follow-up to his post about Appalachian demographics last week.  Josh Patashnik at takes it a step further and explains why highland voters are buying Clinton’s message.

In other electoral map news:

  • A Democrat wins in Reagan Country. [John Fund]
  • A throwback article from 1999: America’s Dovish North and Hawkish South. [Foreign Affairs]
  • (It’s non-political, but) really cool map renditions of pre-colonial Manhattan. [Manhatta Project]

Lastly, Ben Smith catches the Obama camp suggesting that Texas turned out differently than it actually did.  The map below is one that Smith sniped from the Obama web site.

Obama Electoral Map


2 responses to “The Electoral Map Daily Compass: Who Won Texas?

  1. The Obama map is based on delegates (you know, how one wins the nomination). Notice Nevada is also highlighted, where Clinton came out with the narrow popular vote lead, but Obama won a narrow delegate lead.

  2. And here’s a link to a precinct map of Texas’s most populous county, Harris (Houston) in the Democratic Presidential Primary. Despite Obama’s overall 56% win in the county, the map shows an even divide with Hillary (Green) scoring well in blue collar areas like Baytown and Pasadena which have a heavily Hispanic population.

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