Could Mississippi be a Swing State?

Chuck Todd suggests the Magnolia State could be contested this November if Barack Obama is the nominee.  Via First Read:

“Mississippi is one of those rare Southern states that might be in play in the general election if Obama becomes the nominee. One Dem statistician tells First Read that there are three red states that could swing if African-American turnout was ever maximized (both in registration and in actual turnout): Georgia, Louisiana and, yes, Mississippi.”

Mississippi has been solidly in the Republican column since Ronald Reagan ushered in a new coalition in 1980.  But in the 20 years before that, Mississippi was a true swing state, voting for two Democrats, two Republicans and one independent in five presidential elections.

Could Mississippi return to its purple roots in 2008?  The answer is not on Haley Barbour‘s watch.


3 responses to “Could Mississippi be a Swing State?

  1. It would start to offset some of the stupidity that was involved in putting GW Bush in the white House in 2000 and 2004.

  2. There’s a good analysis on this topic over at

  3. An interesting thought. I doubt it is worth the effort. The cost vs other more benifical areas is probably low on the radar for political architects. I found that out the hard way growing up in a Red State.

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