Bayhing Some Time

Sen. Evan Bayh, who has endorsed Hillary Clinton, suggested a new way for the superdelegates to consider whom they should support in the Democratic battle.  Speaking on CNN’s “Late Edition” on Sunday, the Indiana Democratic proposed that they should decide based on the Electoral College votes of the states that each candidate won.  The New York Times crunched the numbers:

“So far, Mrs. Clinton has won states with a total of 219 Electoral College votes, not counting Florida and Michigan, while Mr. Obama has won states with a total of 202 electoral votes.

“Mr. Obama… is ahead of Mrs. Clinton… in most other leading indicators: popular votes (by 700,000 out of 26 million cast, excluding caucuses and the disputed Florida and Michigan results, a difference of about 3 percent); delegates (1,622.5 compared with 1,472.5 for her…); and number of states (27 compared with 14 for her, excluding Florida and Michigan).”

The Democratic nomination process is flawed, but trying to change the rules at this point would be like a football team who has dominated in first downs but is losing on the scoreboard pleading with the refs in the fourth quarter to decide the game on first downs instead of points.

Democratic Nomination Map

Democratic Nomination Map


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