Hillary’s Last Dance?

A day after we declared that all eyes were it on North Carolina, it looks like everyone is turning their gaze to Indiana, which hosts its Democratic primary on the same day as the Tarheel State.

The Hotline suggests, “Forget Pennsylvania. Welcome to Indiana, the new North Carolina.” Sandwiched between Illinois (Obama) and Ohio (Clinton), “it’s the Switzerland of Dem primaries,” they declared.

The Post‘s Anne Kornblut also spotlighted the Hoosier State today as a contest in which both candidates have an even chance. “Obama has a home-field advantage,” Kornbult wrote, “while Clinton has the backing of the popular Sen. Evan Bayh and may have an edge on the kind of economic issues that are likely to dominate the discussion.”

Kornblut gives Clinton the advantage in factory towns like Evansville in southern Indiana and in the suburbs surrounding Indianapolis. She predicts that Obama will do well in the college towns of South Bend (Notre Dame), Bloomington (Indiana U.) and West Layfayette (Purdue), as well as in the African-American communities “that spill over from Chicago” and in Indianapolis.


One response to “Hillary’s Last Dance?

  1. Hillary does dance – or does the camera lie?


    Mike Kelley

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