McCain Looking Strong in the Northeast

New polls in New Jersey and Connecticut show John McCain tied with or leading both of his Democratic rivals in those two states. A new Rassmussen Reports survey of Garden State voters released today has McCain edging Barack Obama 43-42% and beating Hillary Clinton 45-42%. A Quinnipiac University poll of Connecticut voters released March 27 found Clinton sneaking by McCain 45-42%, and Obama trumping McCain 52-35%.

I’ve suggested before that McCain is going to make an early run at the blue Coasts. New Jersey trended toward George Bush between 2000 and 2004, and the prez increased his margins by 5.8% in Bergen County and 6.6% in Middlesex County. Connecticut is more Democratic but also is tougher to peg, having elected two independents statewide in recent years, including Lowell Weicker and Joe Lieberman, a McCain surrogate.


One response to “McCain Looking Strong in the Northeast

  1. Hey, ElectoralMap guy, I love this blog (one of my favorites, just can’t get enough of it) but I also very much like my candidate Obama. And I know pretty well his polling data. This is why the reported 45-32 in NJ for a McCain-Obama GE sounded strange. I checked, and the RasmussenR poll shows a dead heat (and a better score than Clinton!) in NJ: 45-46! I hope you can correct the glitch. Take care and keep it up.

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