New Blues in Pennsylvania

Nick Beaudrot has three more superb maps up today measuring new Democratic registrants in the Keystone State. Most of the new registrations are in Philly and the surrounding ‘burbs, as well as the Lehigh Valley.

It’s interesting to see that so many conversions are taking place in what Beaudrot calls the “Clinton stronghold of Northeastern Pennsylvania.” Wasn’t this supposed to be Obama’s initiative?

Here are the counties that had a Democratic increase of more than 5.0% and Beaudrot’s accompanying maps:

  • Dauphin County (Harrisburg-Carlisle): 7.3%
  • Monroe County: 6.6%
  • Cumberland County (Harrisburg-Carlisle)
  • Lehigh (Allentown): 5.8%
  • Delaware (Philly’s inner suburb): 5.7%
  • Philadelphia: 5.6%
  • York: 5.2%
  • Chester (the most Republican Philly suburb): 5.0%

First-Time Democratic Registrants (Cogitamus)

First-Time Democratic Registrants

Switchers to Democratic Party (Cogitamus)

Switchers to Democratic Party

Total New Democratic Registrants (Cogitamus)

Total New Democratic Registrants


3 responses to “New Blues in Pennsylvania

  1. Interestingly enough he also says the switch is heaviest in Philly and its suburbs … which happen to be considered THE places where Obama IS expected to be stronger.
    So I don’t quite understand the commentary here.

  2. I suspect the results in Pennsylvania will surprise everyone.

  3. How many the “switchers” (Republicans switching to Democratic Party) are actually Limbaugh minions? Switching to vote for Hillary. Some Republicans think extending the Democratic primaries is good for McCain. That may or may not pan out the way they hope…

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