Schumer Bullish about the Senate Electoral Map

First Read reports:

“[Sen. Chuck] Schumer [N.Y.], chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, said the DSCC is challenging in 17 of 23 GOP-held seats, including eight he believes Democrats have a solid chance in and nine others where he thinks they can be competitive.


“Here’s the picture for the DSCC provided by Schumer: Top targets: VA, NH, NM, CO, AK. (Schumer says they are ahead here.) Second tier: OR, MN, ME. (These are blue states; Democrats are not ahead, but are competitive.) Red-state seats in striking range: KY, NC, MS.

“Good candidates with an outside chance: NE, KS, OK, GA, ID, TX. (Schumer says of Texas that he likes Noriega as a candidate and that incumbent Sen. John Cornyn is polling surprisingly low.)”

Victories in Schumer’s five top targets would give Democrats 56 seats in the Senate — good cushion on close votes and within striking distance of the 60 votes needed for cloture. Of course, Chuck also has to make sure that Sen. Mary Landrieu is reelected in the increasingly red Louisiana.

Swing State Project likes Schumer forecast, adding, “Only the two Wyoming seats, Thad Cochran, Jeff Sessions, Lindsey Graham and Lamar Alexander are definitely off the table in the DSCC’s eyes.”


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