McCain Campaigns in Unfamiliar Areas

As a Navy man, maybe it’s his nature to chart unfamiliar waters.  “McCain is planning to speak in inner cities, heavily African-American sections of the South, and poor sections of Appalachia,” reports Slate‘s John Dickerson, adding that these are all heavily Democratic areas.

Dickerson is skeptical that McCain can win these voters, but he leaves the question open as to whether the tour might serve to convince “independents that he cares about minorities and the underprivileged.”

Meanwhile, The Hotline asks, “Why pick NYC? … If McCain really wants to expand the Electoral College map – and draw attention to what he’s saying not just who’s introducing him, why not hold these roundtables in NH, OH or MI?”

Roger Simon also throws a wet towel on McCain’s dreams of winning blue states, outlining his “four things you need to know about John McCain and California.”


One response to “McCain Campaigns in Unfamiliar Areas

  1. But also the familiar places for the Republicans — i.e., veiled racism

    “You can have your Tiger Woods, we’ve got Senator McCain.“

    I’m trying to think of a non-racist explanation for the comment, but I’m afraid nothing comes to mind.

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