Pennsylvania Electoral Map

More maps up later today, but here’s a preliminary one.

Just as I predicted, Barack Obama won Rendell’s base and Hillary Clinton swept Casey Country.  Except Clinton did much better in the burbs and exurbs surrounding Philly than Casey did.  I’ll let Chuck Todd explain:

“Obama looked to be a lock to win the Philly ‘burbs; the only question was by how much. But he didn’t win them. Overall, Obama carried just seven of the state’s 67 counties. In his successful gubernatorial primary win over Bob Casey in 2002, Ed Rendell carried 10 counties — and the big difference between Rendell’s path and Obama’s was that Rendell carried Montgomery and Bucks counties, while Obama lost MontCo narrowly and got clobbered in Bucks.”

2002 Democratic Primary for Governor

2002 Pennsylvania Electoral Map

Pennsylvania Electoral Maps (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Pennsylvania  Electoral Map

Montgomerey Pennsylvania Electoral MapPennsylvania Congressional Districts


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