McCain Team Announces 11 Regional Managers

The McCain camp has divided the electoral map into 11 regions and assigned a campaign director to each one.

John Peschong‘s region has the most electoral votes but Jon Seaton‘s will probably be the most pivotal.  One glaring question is why the McCain team would split the three key states in the Upper Mississippi River Valley — Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin — into three separate regions?

What do you think?  Who has the easiest and most difficult region to win for McCain?

McCain Campaign’s 11 Regions

McCain Campaign\'s 11 Electoral Map Regions


4 responses to “McCain Team Announces 11 Regional Managers

  1. I think the McCain camp divided up Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin so each region would have a swing state instead of one region having two or three.

    It looks like the Illinois, Iowa, Missouri region may be a tough one. Illinois is completely lost, Iowa has been polling well for Obama for awhile, and Missouri is no layup. Other regions will probably be surer loses for McCain, but Collins’ region is going to be more of a war. The surest loss region is probably NY/NJ. New England is close, but McCain has a decent shot at New Hampshire.

    Easiest region Craig Goldman followed closely by Buzz Jacobs. All of the states in both regions could easily go McCain. Florida and possibly Louisiana being the only question marks

  2. I would think that Craig Goldman has it easy, defend Texas and try to hold NE to a 5-0 split (though if Clinton is the nominee) he might lose Arkansas but won’t have trouble anywhere else.

    As for hardest job it depends on who the democrats nominate, if it is Obama then John Peschong is doomed to losing 3 out of 4 and possibly getting swept.
    If Clinton is the nominee then Bill Stepien is a sure loser.

  3. I think that Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania shouldve been lumped as one big target…perhaps even with two managers. Heres why- McCain should build on his strengths in Ohio outward- north to Michigan and east to Western PA where the demographics are remarkably similar. Focusing on these three states- a win in just two of them can offset a loss in the Far West and leave mccain ontop about 275-281 EVs.
    maybe merge the middleus together and send a manager to help out in the Rust Belt…

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