The Wine Track/Beer Track Map

Beer swigers prefer Clinton and wine sippers like Obama, right?

Not so simple, according to Poblano’s map at It turns out “Obama leads Clinton 13-10 in wine states, and 12-7 in beer states.”

Wine States Versus Beer States

Wine States Versus Beer States


5 responses to “The Wine Track/Beer Track Map

  1. it’s poblano, with an “a.”

  2. I posted this over there, too:
    One “serving” of beer is much larger than a “serving” of wine.

    It seems to me, it’s apples & oranges, anyway. They are two different drinks, and there are plenty of people (me included) who like them both.

    And what about coffee drinkers? And sweet tea drinkers? Yerba mate drinkers? Bottled water? Pepsi? Coke?

    (Sidenote: when I was in Africa, I discovered that they drink prodigious amounts of Coca-cola. They probably drink more Coke than water. It also tasted slightly different.)

  3. Patrick Ottenhoff

    I’d like to see a map of gin drinkers vs. bourbon drinkers.

  4. I, for one, have a very hard time believing that Illinois, Michigan and Minnesota are wine states as opposed to beer states. I have my doubts about Idaho too.

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