Hillary (Power) Points to Electability

Hillary Clinton‘s still trying to convince the super-D’s that she’s more electable.  The latest example is a Power Point presentation that her campaign released on Friday arguing that she is more competitive in battleground congressional districts and would have stronger coattails.  Here’s the full “Winning in the Tough Districts” memo (Internet Explorer only).

Among her points:

  • Conservative Districts: In 2006, the Democrats retook Congress by picking up 31 new seats.  20 of those freshman Democrats are in Republican-leaning districts that voted for President Bush in 2004.  Of those 20 districts, Hillary has now won 16, most by large margins.
  • The 16 districts that Hillary has won: AZ-08, CA-11, FL-16, IN-2, IN-8, IN-9, NC-11, NH-1, NY-19, NY-20, NY-24, OH-18, PA-10, PA-4, TX-22 and TX-23.
  • Rural Districts: These districts are heavily rural.  Half of them are more than 40% rural: IN-8 (42%), IN-9 (48%), NC-11 (56%), NY-20 (55%), NY-24 (50%), OH-18 (57%) and PA-10 (55%).
  • Nationally, Hillary has won rural voters by 8 points, 50-42.
  • Hispanic Districts: Hispanics make up more than 10% of the voters in 6 of the districts: AZ-5 (13%), AZ-8 (18%), CA-11(20%), FL-16 (10%), TX-22 (20%) and TX-23 (65%).
  • Nationally, Hillary has won Hispanic voters by 30 points, 64-34.
  • Competitive Districts: Hillary has also won 10 of the 15 districts rated “toss up” for 2008 by the Cook Political Report.  Of Cook’s 80 “competitive” districts, Hillary has won 40 to Sen. Obama’s 31: AL-05, PA-10, TX-22, AZ-1, MS-1, NJ-3, NY-25, NY-26, OH-15 and OH-16.

Good points.  Too late.

Winning Tough Districts


3 responses to “Hillary (Power) Points to Electability

  1. Good Post,

    Godfather (theslowbleed.com)

  2. I think her campaign is going nuts. Hillary Clinton is toxic to much of the electorate. For some reason, 99% of people have forgotten that a primary election has absolutely no bearing on whether or not you will win a general election. Some of her supporters are running around saying that Obama won’t win N.Y., N.J., Mass., and Calif. in the fall, even though recent polling has shown him way ahead of McCain in all those states. These are core Democratic states which Obama is going to win. McCain lost Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, and Tennessee in the primary to Mike Huckabee, but he isn’t going to lose them in the fall. McCain lost to Romney in Utah 5%-90%, but its still going to go for McCain in November!

    Hillary forgets that Obama has done well in many rural districts in VA, NC, WI, SC, VT, ME, IA, KS, NE, ND, UT, NV, CA, and NM. She is weaker in states like Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, and Virginia–swing states that we need to win, even though she totally dismissed the voters there because they didn’t support her.

  3. Correction to my earlier post…Oregon hasn’t voted yet and Michigan did go for Hillary (although she was the only one on the ballot).

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