McCain is Older than Alaska

This isn’t really related to the 2008 electoral map, but it is at the intersection of politics and geography and that what’s this blog’s all about.


“Alaska – the freaking state – is younger than John McCain. And, for that matter, so is Hawaii. McCain is older than two of the fifty states.”

A pop-shot at McCain no doubt, but it’s true — McCain was born in 1936 and Alaska’s statehood was established in 1959.  The state was purchased from the Russians for $7.2 million, which sounds like about as much as the McCain has in their bank account.

Lucky for McCain, he can count on that young whippersnapper of state’s three electoral votes come November.



3 responses to “McCain is Older than Alaska

  1. I can see the smear ads already…
    “McCain: Old Enough to be Your Dad!”

  2. So, my parents are older than Alaska, if only by about 6 years.

  3. 1959? Heck, I’m older than Alaska and I’m only 49. Gimme a break. How old is the kid that created that blog? Is he even of voting age yet 🙂

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