Is it Time to Declare a Democratic Resurgency in the South?

Two special elections looses in the South have some Republicans worrying that their electoral stranglehold on the region may be loosening.  Case in point: The Washington Times’ David Lambro, who’s about as right-of-center as any prominent Beltway correspondent, co-authored an article today under the headline, “Democrats again whistling Dixie.”

And J-Mart points to a quote from Clark Reed, who the Wall Street Journal refers to as “one of the great architects of resurgent Republicanism in the South,” lamenting that the times are a-changin’ down Dixie way.  “Is the Republican solid South over?” asked the Journal.  “‘Yeah. Oh year,’ [Reed] said. ‘I eat lunch every day at Buck’s Cafe.  Obama‘s picture is all over the wall.'”


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