More on Obama’s Appalachian Problems

This article is a week old, Jonathan Tilove‘s “Obama’s Is an Appalachia Problem, Not a Whites Problem” is probably the best analysis I’ve seen so far about the Illinois senator’s problems in Appalachia. He has many good anecdotes and quotes, but here’s a quick clip:

“These are the people whose ancestors lived and fought along the brutal borderlands between England and Scotland, and later in Northern Ireland (they are the Protestants of Ulster). Unlike other British settlers, the Scots-Irish, Webb writes, migrated ‘directly to the wilderness of the Appalachian Mountains, bypassing even the rudiments of colonial civilization.’


“Enter the silky, smooth-faced and super-smart Obama. With his Harvard pedigree, mellifluous voice and high-minded talk of moving beyond the politics of confrontation, he is totally out of place in Appalachia.

“It’s like casting Hugh Grant instead of Mel Gibson as William Wallace in ‘Braveheart.'”


2 responses to “More on Obama’s Appalachian Problems

  1. Saddam held a better democratic election than these left wing Democrats are trying to

    Whatta farce!

    Don’t let 2 large states, Mich. and Fla. vote. Invent a caucas style vote. Give small population states like Iowa, etc. more say than hugely populated states. Then invent super-delegates. Are people that stupid to accept this crap?

    Democrats should send Howard Dean and Obama to Burma or Iran to learn about how to hold a “democratic election.”(OR MAYBE THEY AREADY DID GO THERE?)

    Hillary Clinton has now received more votes in these Democratic primaries than ANYONE else in the history of the party. And the lefty garbage wants her to quit! Unreal!

  2. Pearl Mitchell

    Hillary thought she was above the law. She has herself to blame. She knew the rules and she tried to be clever. So she should stop crying and accept her fate. Obama will be the nominee.

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