Obama Wins Oregon, Clinton Takes Kentucky

As we expected, Hillary Clinton racked up huge margins of victory in Appalachian Kentucky and along the Ohio River Valley, and Barack Obama won the urban center of Louisville and the college town of Lexington.

Kentucky Electoral Map (New York Times)

Kentucky Electoral Map

In Oregon, a state that the Politico declared was “tailor-made” for Obama, the Illinois senator beat Clinton by tens of thousands of votes in key counties like Multnomah (Portland) and suburban Washington on his way to a statewide 17-point rout.  Clinton, for her part, won most of eastern Oregon’s 2nd District, but in counties like Harney in the southeast, that only amounted to a paltry 365 votes.

Oregon Electoral Map (New York Times)

Oregon Electoral Map


One response to “Obama Wins Oregon, Clinton Takes Kentucky

  1. Actually Obama and Hillary split the 18 counties in the central and eastern part of the state with Obama edging Clinton by 4,400 votes from east of the cascades. And he won in the 2nd district overall 54-46.

    Overall, Hillary carried 14 of the 36 counties in the state with a combined plurality of 3,745 votes. Obama’s 22 counties were won by just a hair over 107,000.

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