Hillary Releases Mapping Memo Touting Her Electability

Hillary Clinton joined a long list today of candidates touting their electability with maps — Rudy did it; McCain followed; and Obama released his own strange map recently. In each case, the candidates released a series of maps with carefully selected polls showing that they were the strongest general election candidate.

In Hillary’s new memo, which was sent to super-D’s and first reported by Mark Halperin, the maps have her amassing 329 electoral votes to John McCain‘s 209. Barack Obama can only cobble together 246 EV’s to McCain’s 292.

What strikes us as interesting about this memo, however, is that she released the series of maps that were produced by Karl Rove. These are the same maps that Jake Tapper acquired about a week ago and The Electoral Map posted.

It’s classic Clintonian triangulation that one day Hillary would tell the Super-D’s that she’s the toughest candidate to face attacks from the likes of Rove and the next day use Rove as a credible source.

Pivoting from the Rove maps, the memo also uses averages from Electoral-Vote.com. Interestingly, the maps have Clinton winning a string of hillbilly states from the Ozarks to the Alleghenies; claiming two out of three of the Mountain West battlegrounds and even bagging the big prize of Florida.

Clinton Memo: Clinton vs. McCain Electoral Map

Clinton vs. McCain Electoral Map

Clinton Memo: Obama vs. McCain Electoral Map

Obama vs. McCain Electoral Map


5 responses to “Hillary Releases Mapping Memo Touting Her Electability

  1. Since it appears that the Democratic Party favors Obama a lot and that most of Hilary Clinton’s supporters will not vote for Obama, it is best for Clinton to leave the Party and run independently. She has a better chance of wiining the Presidential election.

  2. I agree with Pi Leung:
    Hillary has been treated very unfairly by the Democratic Party machine and the press during the entire campaign. If she wins the popular vote Democrats can stop complaining about how Gore was cheated in 2000. My proposal is that Hillary use this opportunity to create a new party “Center Progressive Party” and run for president anyways, that would teach the democratic party a lesson and stop the string of McGoverns from ruinning the chances of a true democrat winning the White House.

  3. As one of those Hillary supporters referenced above who would have a hard time voting for Obama. (I’m undecided), I would say this:

    1. Of course, neither Hillary nor Obama would have even an outside chance as an independent candidate. What they would do as an independent is ruin the chance of the other.

    2. What is becoming increasingly clear is that Hillary would start the general with a leg up. Obama starts it as a tossup. This is not a fantastic scenario spun by a desperate campaign. This polling evidence has been trending in this direction for months.

  4. If Hillary is not the Democratic nominee then we should start a new party…but I don’t like the name “Center Progressive Party.” I think we should leave the DNC in mass. I am nauseated by the way they have conducted business in this primary. I do believe HRC has the votes behind her to win in November, even if she leaves the Democrates.

  5. What is most important is how one candidate can win the electoral votes no matter how big is the popular vote. Remember Gore won the popular vote but lost in the electoral college? Clinton has a better chance of winning the November election against McCain because of her winning the most number of swing states as compared to Obama.

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