Carrying the Banner for the Three Types of Republicans

Over at The Next Right, my NMS colleague Jon Henke has a post tackling the daunting topic of “The Future of the Right” and identifies three different types of Republicans: Progressive Republicans, Goldwater Republicans and Bush Republicans.

Progressive Republicans (aka: Teddy Roosevelt Republicans) are “generally reliable on limited government, but willing to go off on Big Government crusades.” Goldwater Republicans “vote for limited government, individual liberty and strong defense; they may have various opinions on social issues, but they subsume those views to the goal at hand: limiting government.” Bush Republicans are “willing to accept Big Government, so long as the government does socially conservative things. (See: Mike Huckabee).”

If you look at the map, Huckabee won SEC County, or the region that Joel Kotkin has said produced “George Bush’s Sun Belt mafia”; John McCain won states with old-school progressive heritages like Wisconsin and Teddy Roosevelt’s New York and Mitt Romney took the states where Goldwater’s ethos of libertarianism are strongest like the West, Maine and Ted Kaczynski’s old haunting ground of Michigan.

Does this mean that Huckabee, McCain and Romney carry the banner for Bush Republicans, Progressive Republicans and Goldwater Republicans, respectively?

2008 Republican Primaries Electoral Map

Republican Primaries Electoral Map


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