South Dakota and Montana Electoral Maps

Once again, Nick Beaudrot comes through with some of the best and sharpest electoral maps in the blogosphere.  Since I’ve never been to South Dakota and I’ve only visited the ski towns of northwest Montana, I’ll leave the analysis with Nick:

Dissecting the Mt. Rushmore State primary, he notes “Obama didn’t win the counties that include the three largest cities in South Dakota: Sioux Falls, Rapid City, and Aberdeen. He did quite well in counties with large Native American populations, but Bill Clinton’s visit to Pine Ridge during his Presidency was well remembered; those counties were much closer than the other reservations. The Eastern portion of the state is more heavily populated and less heavily Republican, so Clinton’s big wins tended to come in areas with more votes.”

South Dakota Electoral Map (

South Dakota Electoral Map

South Dakota Population Map

South Dakota Population Map

Looking at Montana, Beaudrot observes “The two Clinton counties in the Western portion of the state are Silver Bow and Deer Lodge, the only blue counties in Western Montana. But Obama offset those with big wins in Missoula, Helena, and Gallatin counties.”

Montana Electoral Map (

Montana Electoral Map

Montana Population Map

Montana Population Map


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