Earmarks by State: Arizona vs. Alaska

AP has a map of earmarks by state per capita.  Don Young‘s Alaska rakes in the most at $506.34 per capita and Jeff Flake‘s Arizona brings in the least at $19.70 per capita.

Earmarks Per Capita (AP)

Earmarks Per Capita


3 responses to “Earmarks by State: Arizona vs. Alaska

  1. I tried to look at your web site. You have so many things that pop up and block the view I gave up. Looked like you might have interesting stuff. To bad it can’t be read with out stuff popping up all over the place.


  2. Patrick Ottenhoff

    pandakahn — Not really sure what you’re referring to. Was the AP site giving you trouble, or TEM? Thanks.

  3. Interesting, looks like many of the poor states and states with large Native American populations are receiving the earmarks. I think I live with that.



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