McCain Maps Out His General Election Strategy

The McCain camp has a 15 minute “Strategy Briefing” video up its Web site outlining where and how it’ll fight.  Many of the battleground states it identifies are familiar, but a few are questionable.   For example, the campaign names Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky and Tennessee battlegrounds, but not Virginia or North Carolina.

McCain Camp’s Battleground States

McCain Battleground State

McCain\'s Battleground States

The McCain team is also all over Obama‘s weakness in Appalachian counties in Ohio and Pennsylvania (including Ted Strickland‘s former district and John Murtha‘s district) and a supposed lingering rift among Democrats in swing states.

Appalachia in Ohio and Pennsylvania

Ohio and Pennsylvania Appalachia

Obama’s Polling with the Base in Swing States

Obama and the Democratic Base

Lastly, the briefing names states of interest that the McCain camp says it’ll be keeping its eye on, including Schwarzenegger’s California and Lieberman‘s Connecticut.

McCain’s States of Interest

McCain\'s States of Interest


3 responses to “McCain Maps Out His General Election Strategy

  1. Take Hillary as your Vice President and make a rogue party.

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  3. If McCain actually needs California to win this race, he has already lost it. If McCain actually needs Pennsylvannia to win this race, he has already lost it. There is no chance that California will turn red and very little chance that Pennsylvannia will do so. The polling on those two states is very clear. I love the the GOP is ignoring the polling coming out of Virginia and North Carolina because it doesn’t fit their storyline. They keep pushing the argument that all they need do is run a Jerimiah Wright ad in VA or NC and McCain will immediately regain the lead. That is why the GOP is doing so poorly now – refusal to accep and deal with reality. The folks in those states know about Wright and Obama is still on McCain’s heels in both states. Add the “x” factor of new voter registration and turnout, along with Bob Barr possibly appearing on the ballots of both VA and NC, and those states start looking pretty good for Obama. Remember this year the turnout has blown every pundit’s pessimism out of the water state after state. Those new voters are coming people and most of them will be democratic. Wake up people.

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