North Carolina Watch: Obama Within MoE

A Rasmussen poll out today has McCain at 45% and Obama 43%, within the ±4% margin of error.  According to TPM Election Central, “the poll also found that 54% of respondents said it’s more important to bring the troops home form Iraq than it is to win the war, versus only 40% who think victory is more important than leaving — a very bad finding for McCain in this traditionally red state.”

North Carolina

Map compliments of Cartophilia.


2 responses to “North Carolina Watch: Obama Within MoE

  1. What happened to Rove’s prediction that Obama had absolutely no chance in North Carolina? Love the way people take that hack seriously just because Fox News brings him on to counter CNN’s John King or MSNBC’s Chuck Todd. Rove is hopelessly partisan and could not deliver an objective political assessment if his life depended on it. Obama is far closer to McCain in NC and VA than McCain is to Obama is PA and yet Rove says PA is in play but that NC and VA are not. Rove uses polling when it suits his tilted theories and disregards it when it does not. He’s a hack. Follow the trends of the state polling, particularly in the battleground states, new and old, and you’ll find your likely victor. Having done that myself, I’ve concluded that McCain can only win if he grabs OH because PA is not a real possibility for him at this point. Obama can win with or without OH and that strength makes him the favorite right now. Its a long race. But Rove’s constant assertions that Obama simply cannot win displays an arrogance sure to bring about precisely that result. Fin.

  2. There’s a new Rasmussen poll for Alaska showing McCain 45% Obama 41%…Very close there too. PA and OH will most likely go to Obama, but he shouldn’t take those states for granted either. He should campaign there like there’s no tomorrow. States like NC, VA, IN, CO might swing his way too. Looks like this election might turn out to be a repeat of 1964.

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