Obama Camp Says It Doesn’t Need Ohio or Florida

If you’ve lived in Miami, Ohio or Miami, Florida during the last few election cycles, you’ve probably grown accustomed to being lavished with attention — or maybe annoyed to exhaustion — by the political campaigns.

Well, last week the Obama camp declared that its road to the White House won’t necessary run through these behemoth battlegrounds. Cleveland and Cape Canaveral will be important campaign stops, but not the end-all-be-all’s that they use to be.

In a meeting with donors, manager David Plouffe suggested that while the campaign thinks it’s competitive in those two states and would like to win them, it doesn’t need them. “You have a lot of ways to get to 270,” Plouffe said, according to Huffington Post. “Our goal is not to be reliant on one state on November 4th.”

Plouffe pointed to a number of intriguing targets, with Virginia and Georgia on top of the list. If you’ve read my Politico column from today, “Virginia will be an uphill battle for Obama,” you’ll know the Old Dominion is not the lay-up that many in the Obama camp and national media think it is.

Georgia, however, is a fascinating prospect: I still think it’s out of reach for Democrats but if the African-American vote is boosted by, say, 500,000, as Ambinder thinks it could be, and Bob Barr runs strong in his home state, then the Peach State could be interesting.

Besides those two former linchpins of the Confederacy, the Obama camp also sees opportunities in Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Alaska and North Dakota. He also noted that they need to watch their back in Michigan, Pennsylvania and especially New Hampshire.


5 responses to “Obama Camp Says It Doesn’t Need Ohio or Florida

  1. goodtimepolitics

    Under the bus they go! Obama isn’t for the America people be they black or white! He seem to be for people across the pond!

  2. i think you have put together a good road for Dems, i’ve been playing with the numbers and if Obama can clean house in the southwest, CO, NW, AZ, then there is no reason to even go to ohio. Bill Richardson for VP!!!!

  3. Though the thought and possibility of winning without those states is great, it wont happen. By my calculations they won’t win without 1 of them. In my opinion they should spend the money in Ohio instead of small 6 vote states like MS. I say that because my State AL only has 9 votes and is in the same position as GA too.

  4. You know what happens when you assume something. I’m going to laugh when Obama loses because of Ohio and Florida.

  5. goodtimepolitics

    It only shows what Obama thinks of people he does not need! He is a lier so you can not know if anything he says is true. Another big lie!

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