About The Electoral Map

The Electoral Map is a blog at the intersection of politics and geography.

Who would have thought 30 years ago that the Republicans would be a making a play for Minnesota while the Democrats would have their sights on Virginia? The electoral map has truly evolved. And as it continues to change, we’re going to be tracking it.

But this blog will focus on more than 2008. The Electoral Map will report on anything that has to do with the mapping of elections. We believe that maps tell the story behind the votes. So we’ll bring you the demographics, the history, the sports, the business and the stories that influence the map.

I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what we’re doing right and doing wrong.

* * * * * *

The Electoral Map is primarily written by Patrick Ottenhoff, an analyst for New Media Strategies and a former staff writer for National Journal Group and The Hotline. Ottenhoff graduated from Kent School and Union College and is a native of McLean, Va. His writings have appeared in National Journal, Politico, MSNBC.com and Huffington Post . He’s a Mark Warner-John Warner kind of voter.


8 responses to “About The Electoral Map

  1. I think this website is great, it paints a very fresh and innovative picture of how politics affect people in this country.

    My only complaint is this: Why is there a link to Bill Simmon’s website? As a Skin’s fan, I find it surprising that you would support a man who worships the Patriots and doesn’t give a damn about any DC sports. There are enough people in America who have jumped on the “Everything New England” bandwagon, and I don’t think there is any more room.

    You seem like an educated person, who has strong roots here in the great Commonwealth of Virginia. Do yourself a favor and lose the link to Simmon’s website. It is bad enough that everyone who lives in DC (regardless of where they are actually from) root for the Red Sox, you don’t need to add to the problem on your website.

  2. This site is great! It’s exactly the kind of stuff I seek out online. If you haven’t seen it, I think you’ll enjoy the NYT analysis of lasy year’s Senate races, which has some great maps (click the “state by state” tab to get county-by-county breakdowns of key states in 2006 and 2004).

  3. Great to see a website like this. I host a yahoo group electionwatch2006 which will soon be changed to electionwatch2008, which is about the political demography of America’s neighborhoods.

    As a former redistricting analyst for the Fl legislature and poltiical GIS consultant, I have produced many maps showing election results at the precinct level. If you need anything for a specific election, please let me know.

    My yahoo group is aimed at examining politics in America’s neighborhoods – showing the unique demographics and politics of our many varied communities by looking at election results, polls and census data, etc.

    Thanks again for your efforts in this much needed area.

    Jay O’Callaghan

  4. Interesting site. And since you’re in Virginia, all the better 🙂 I’ll be reading.

  5. great site. just added it to my rss feed.

    here is another site that I just subscribed to and think you may enjoy.

  6. Very nice blog, friend. It’s good to know that so many people really are paying attention to what’s going on these days.

    It will be a close race, no matter how you slice it. I hope the democrats will nominate a candidate who can successfully debate in the general election.

    That’s where the REAL test happens.

  7. I really enjoy your site. Good job! You will definitely find my website interesting – electoralgeography.com

  8. Very worthwhile site. But one thing you aren’t doing right – how do you get an RSS feed?

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