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New York Times on the Electoral Map

The New York Times Magazine had a fascinating article on Sunday about NRCC Chairman Tom Cole (Okla.) and his uphill battle to regain the House for Republicans.  I’m only about a third of the way through this 8,000 word article, but I already think it’s a must-read.  This on excerpt caught my eye:

“All campaign operatives are, to some extent, geographers, and the map of the United States, endlessly studied, is the object of their pieties and contains their own compulsions. Every operative has his own map, weighted by income, by ethnicity, by the practiced habits of ideology, but each believes his map is determinative and that elections do not contain surprises but more precise revelations of the map, of tendencies buried deep.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Think I should use this snippet in the About The Electoral Map section?


Look West, Young Scribes

Both Ben Smith and Chris Cillizza turned their backs to the East today — Smith wrote a quick note about the DNC’s memo about “McCain’s Problems in the West” and Cillizza wrote a post handicapping the Democratic primary in Montana. Both reporters anticipate that the region will be in play. “Except for Utah, those ‘cactus caucus’ state could be hotly contested this fall, taking on Ohio- or Florida-like status in campaign coverage,” Smith suggested.

But Cillizza also sees Montana as a potential Tier I battleground in the Democratic primary in June. “It’s clear that Obama must be considered a favorite in the state given the population hub of Missoula and his on the ground efforts throughout the state,” Cillizza writes. “But it would be a mistake to write Clinton off, as Montana’s primary is not Idaho’s caucuses (or Wyoming’s, or Colorado’s) and she has several pockets of obvious support in the state.”

One thing is for sure, the press corps is sure lucky to have the opportunity to go to Montana in June. Just don’t forget that rules of Big Sky County: “In Montana there’s three things we’re never late for: church, work and fishing.”

Jake Tapper’s Electoral Map

Even on the beach, ABC News correspondent Jake Tapper can’t get his mind off electoral maps. ExMo has this great item on “Tapper’s Line in the Sand.”

Jake Tapper’s Electoral Map

Per the Extremeness:

“That’s Deerfield Beach, Florida, near Boca Raton … and Jake’s inside an electoral map of the presidential campaign.

“So, did rules dictate that a union guy had to draw the map for Tapper? Nope. Jake tells Extreme Mortman: ‘I drew it. History major, art minor.’
Jake also informs us: ‘We used seashells for Sacramento, Albany and Tallahassee.’

“Which makes us hope that, for Super Tuesday coverage, ABC News doesn’t send Jake to cover New Jersey from the Jersey shore. Not much you can make out of washed-up syringes.”